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Continuing our series on wholesome food from the Shanti Som kitchen we dropped in one evening to try the menu by their talented new chef Gemma Hammond. Shanti Som opened its doors as a boutique hotel, spa and detox centre in the picturesque woods near Monda last summer, and has been building a reputation as a great place to go for meals, therapies, weekend breaks and detox retreats over the past few months. We also asked founder Kezia Jacobsen for some tips on good living in line with the philosophy of Shanti Som.

The concept behind Shanti Som is to offer an oriental spa experience and that means excellent service at every level, high quality and attention to detail, requirements that are more than met in the restaurant. Offering Asian fusion cooking at its finest, with plenty of vegetarian options, we wanted to sample everything on the menu but in the end decided to share some mixed dishes. Ideal for sharing, starters included a mezze plate of hummous, baba ganoush and other middles eastern dishes or the oriental mixed plate with tofu, tempura and spicy dipping sauces to add even more depth to the savoury treats. Main courses include a thali (mixed plate) of Indian curries, Indonesian tofu, vegetarian tajine and much more for meat or fish eaters. Accompanied by organic wine and rounded off with sumptuous desserts the restaurant more than lived up to expectations.

Kezia Jacobsen

One of the best lessons I have learned was about being Mindful – being aware, opening up our senses to what we are doing……..

Walking – when you go for a walk , become aware and mindful of what you see, the trees, flowers, the blue sky, the colours of nature, if by the ocean, the smell of the sea, the colour of the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun, the happy faces of the people you pass by, children playing and laughing.

Eating – whether it’s a meal at home or out in a restaurant………..become mindful about what you are eating, the ingredients, the colours, the smell, the taste and texture. Be mindful of eating slowly, chew your food well, savour every mouthful. Give thanks for the food and make a wish for all those that are suffering from hunger to be fed. Feel blessed that you have fresh and plentiful food every day.

Family – think about each member of your family and feel blessed to have a family. Treasure your time together, have quality time doing things you love, simple things as well as more adventurous experiences. Be loving, kind, compassionate, caring, giving, forgiving, teaching, patient and tolerant with each other.


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