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Sandra, owner of Sherainae travel and ethnic shop of the same name, started her own journey of exploration 10 years ago: having studied many oriental disciplines, she wanted to discover them in their place of origin. When she returned from a trip, the enthusiasm and interest of her students and friends finally inspired her to organize the first of many journeys to share her experiences and the energy that came from them. The first trips were to India and the focus from the very beginning was to leave the normal tourist trail and explore the spiritual aspects and potential for personal growth during the trips. The experiences of the travelers and opening of the consciousness that occurred led the trips to be called ‘initiation journeys’ to show that they initiate people into new encounters with themselves and the infinite possibilities that surround them. The trips are used as a tool for personal development using the group dynamic and shared experiences, the magic of discovering amazing places full of spirituality, tradition and power and practicing transformational techniques such as meditation, yoga, chi kung and Buddhism. From the original journeys to India new trips have been organized to Thailand, Bhutan, Tibet, Morocco and Nepal, always with the same focus of growth and evolution.

Tel: 678 564 594
Next trips:
Last week of Feb: Moroccan desert
April: Everest Base Camp

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