Solidarity School: A place of hope

Disadvantaged children, adolescents at risk, ill and handicapped adults and other marginalised people in society often miss out on the opportunities in life we take for granted, many trying to escape challenging or violent situations just to survive. The foundation ‘Escuela de Solidaridad’ (solidarity school) in Granada exists to offer those opportunities by providing an environment where people can grow and develop, learning skills for trades as well as social and communication skills for life. Set in a residential framework, the school creates a climate similar to a normal family, and acts as a starting point for recovery as well as a platform for moving on in life. Workshops at the centre that help with this training programme include pottery, carpentry, candle making, organic growing, picture framing and upholstery, and they run three main programmes: ‘Better with Mum’ builds on the existing bond between mother and child and tries to ‘normalise’ situations for better integration in society, while ‘Better Trained’ and ‘Better Occupied’ promote education, vocational training, and learning traditional handicrafts. The foundation is privately funded through the sale of their products and services as well as membership fees and other projects, but they need plenty of help and everyone is invited to contact them with offers of assistance.

Escuela de Solidaridad
Av. Moises, 1, Sierra Evira, Atarfe, Granada
Tel: 958 439 390

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