Spiritual centre El Nazareno needs your help

The spiritual center ‘el Nazareno’ needs your help. Here is a letter from the president of the association:

Dear friends, patients and supporters,

A little history …

As many know it all began in 1990 in an apartment in Fuengirola, during a visit by healer Stephen Turoff, with his mentor in the spiritual world (Dr. Khan), a reference was made to build a centre on the outskirts of Coin. Donations, then as now, were offered at an average of about 30€ to cover Stephen Turoff’s travel expenses from England.

Based on these voluntary donations and with no council or regional grant the total eventually reached nearly 40,000,000 pesetas (nearly 250.000€), which was used to buy the land and so began the construction of the “Dr. Khan healing center”, later renamed “The Nazarene healing center” and which today is still being slowly finished off. It is worth mentioning that the project had the full support of the local Coín council, who granted the appropriate planning permission and that a non-profit association was formed (Centro Sanativo y Espiritual el Nazareno) and registered with the Junta de Andalucia.

The original intention was to build not only a healing center but a center where poorly children could be helped in a residential setting and the centre could help nearby orphanages. Over the years that healings have been offered at the centre, thousands of people have passed through the doors and many of them have had partial or total improvement in their conditions.

Up to now the centre has been able to cover its day to day costs helped by the regular visits of Stephen Turoff, various courses and events at the centre and the regular healing work by Esteban Molina. Until recently, Esteban also paid visits to Puerto Llano, Madrid, Valladolid, Ourense, among other places but has had to stop because of family commitments and this has eaten into the centre’s income. It is for this that we are asking for help…

We need your help …

A couple of weeks ago we received notification, from Coín council for a debt in respect to the outstanding Real Estate Tax (IBI) for a total of 18,000 €. The day after receiving the notice we went to the council and explained that at no time had we received any previous communication for this claim. The council agreed to negotiate payment and that we should make every effort to settle the debt before the end of this year and if we do not pay in this time there may be an embargo and we may not be able to carry on.

For this reason we have created a Unicaja bank account under the name “IBI” for those who can offer their help at this difficult time and that the Centre can stay open and continue to help those who come from all over now and in the future .
please make donations payable to: “I.B.I.” to the following bank account:
C.C.C. 2103-0194-67-0030032826

We also thank all those who have contributed selflessly throughout the years the centre has been open and we hope to solve this problem and continue to count on your help.

We appreciate your time and God bless.

Esteban Molina Hernandez

El Nazareno healing centre

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