The Art of Powerful Listening

“The quality of the listening attention you give to another directly determines the quality of the thinking and expression of the other.”

Before you go any further: stop and read the above statement three more times and consider what it means to you. That ‘communication creates’, is no longer in doubt. Over thirty years of studies by leading experts in fields of transformational psychology and coaching have found models in how we can open up the work place for creative thinking and innovation; for families to raise children in cleared learning environments that naturally encourage and empower the free flow of being able to think for one’s self. Progressive organizations employ coaching to help people build skill sets that enable ‘listening’ to lead the way. The essence? Powerful listening has no other agenda, no judging, critical comment or label; and the ability to use body, skin, eyes and ears: a whole person experience to fully embody current communication.

The quality of our listening attention is the presence that we share of ourselves with another. We know that we don’t know what the other is going to say, and so when we create an extended empty space in our own mind, we watch a flow of new information coming from them, a creative gleam in their eyes, light behind their words. Our open intention is to be fully present with the highest qualities of our whole being, not just our thoughts in response or reaction to their thoughts. We should be aware that we are dancing in the conversation where, really, absolutely anything is possible! Try it out for yourself. Give someone the gift of your full embodied presence, and watch them light up like the sun has just shone brilliance right on them. Imagination and creativity are the very geography of new possibilities and we can all dance in the liberating landscapes of creating communication.

Listening is a core function of the earth element; as is how we receive, nurture, support, orientate. As with food, we absorb and assimilate our dialogues, (hopefully) digest and eliminate where needed. Holding thumbs helps to harmonize our earth element, digestive system, thinking process and lose the worries. Using the finger tips on the outer wrist, as illustrated, clears and calms the mind and heart, significantly reducing the inner dialogue which clears our interpretation filters. The ear itself is full of acupressure points, and you can gently massage them with fingertips (not advised for pregnant women). Keep your listening crystal clear, for your self and others.

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