The Bazi: Know Your Life Map

Since ancient times, kings and princes were surrounded by the best astronomers to see what luck they had in store. In the I-Ching, Book of Changes, it states “those who know, make less mistakes.”

Among practitioners of authentic Feng Shui there is a saying that first is destiny, then your own luck and then Feng Shui. We can expand on this to explain that first is ‘Heaven Luck’: what the Universe has provided for you. Second is ‘Man Luck’, which you, with your willpower, can get; and finally there is Feng Shui, ‘Earth Luck’. Each influences your life by approximately 33%.

When life gets burdened with difficulties, so many problems that you do not know where to go, you find yourself lost, don’t know what decision to make, or what are your skills, then you do not know your gift.

With a personalised study of Bazi you get a map of your life, something your parents should get at birth, so they know your strengths, how to care for and nourish you, how to educate you to develop your full potential. The true potential of a person is written in his Bazi, and only an expert in Chinese Horoscopes can reveal this and help steer your life. Essentially, you can see what the stars have designed for you in the future.

All you need is your full name and date of birth with the time and place as accurate as possible. This tells us what energy was present in the Universe at the time of your birth. It is important to dispel a big myth – it is not true that everything is written and predestined and there is nothing we can do about it. Although we can not change the map of life, we can choose how we walk that path and with whom or who makes the way, to know which direction to take at a junction, and when it is a good time to make important decisions.

Only those who know their innate gifts and talents can develop them, to get a full and happy life by developing that potential, and this can only happen if you can put your key talents to work for you. I would never play tennis like Rafa Nadal, or football like Ronaldo, but then none of them would try to be a Feng Shui consultant.

The Feng Shui Center prepares a personal Bazi, your life map for 234 € only.
Maria Jose Rios and Yolanda Campos Menendez.

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