This Christmas work on your home to make changes in you

“When we have a purpose that really excites us, we can with anything”

Christmas and New Year in the West are traditions based on Christian culture celebrated at certain times of the year, while Feng Shui is a philosophy from the Far East practiced all year round. So far, so little in common, but both traditions ultimately aim to bring good energy and fortune into the home. Christmas coincides with the winter solstice and the birth of a new celestial year and we try and attract good luck for the year ahead by decorating our homes. Coloured lights and bright entrances help the gods of prosperity notice us, especially using red and gold, colours associated with wealth for the Chinese.

Here are some tips to help bring in happiness and prosperity

* Take advantage of the holidays to do a general cleaning of your house – get rid of anything that hasn’t been used for a couple of years. Accumulating things creates stagnant Chi, and if you do not create space and open your home, there will be no new opportunities.

* Coloured lights and bright colors on the way into your house (trees, graden, terrace and balconies) activates the Yang energy (fire element) and encourages positive Chi (life energy) to enter your home.

* The main entrance to your home is the place where you want to encourage more energy at this time of year and you can use yellow lights to attract money while red wards off evil spirits and attracts warmth into the home..

* In the Hall place a fountain or sweet tray with drinks, better than any feng shui, encourages people to visit you to try them, sharing the good relationships and attracting prosperity to your home.

* Decorate with flowers, ornaments, and Christmas decorations inside your home, all you will feel that the house is more alive, joyful and happy.

* The Christmas tree should go in the South or East of the room, and decorate with silver, white, red, purple and gold.

* Tablecloths should be white cloth with red, gold and silver decoration, and as well as food there should be colourful candles and flowers on the table. Reading out and toasting Christmas wishes is also very auspicious.

* People making special requests can make a ‘Request corner’ somewhere prominent in the house with a picture of what they are hoping for and bright flowers, gold candle and incense.
But it is not just about decorating the house and sitting waiting for good fortune at Christmas (working with Earth luck), we also need to activate ourselves to bring wealth and happiness all year round (working with Man (or woman) luck).

We need to learn the energy code. Everyone can feel and sense energies but to know what we want to communicate we need to understand the code. Energy, like a language has its own signs and meaning.

In our school we study the three Fates or Energies: Heaven, Earth and Man, which gives us a comprehensive and profound understanding about the human being and the whole environment that affects our energy. We help people in the study of the language of power, to understand what energy has to communicate, helping to see better opportunities, discover who they are, their dreams, and purpose in life and how to achieve success.

Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2013!

Yolanda Campos and Jose Menendez
Trainers of entrepreneurs
Specialists Authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.
Tlfs. 952.10.73.13 and 625.68.35.71

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