Transition in Action

IN transition 2012 is a one-day conference on October 27 at Palacio de Congresos in Marbella, which will address current issues related to the transition movement.

The Conference will feature keynote speakers such as Rob Hopkins by video conference, Filipa Pimentel from the international transition network, Juan del Río from Transition Network Spain aa well as local transition initiatives from Coin, Fuengirola and Mijas, among others.

During the afternoon there will be interactive workshops and seminars under the heading: “Designing alternatives to the crisis, learning about the transition movement”. Together participants will investigate solutions at the local level to help increase resilience and become more self-sufficient, with the main aim to improve our quality of life.

To show that the transition movement is not something that is only happening in Totnes or some other international destination, the whole day of seminars and workshops will include a strong local flavour – a dynamic marketplace will be set up offering local, organic produce, independent traders working towards a more sustainable and community based lifestyle. This area will be called ‘Transition in action’ and the visitors and participants in IN transition will be able to enjoy a space that is alternative, sustainable, inviting and healthy and with free entry (the seminars cost 10€ for the entire day). Local organic produce, seed banks, NGOs, green technology, local plants, crafts and a showcase of our local richness and diversity.

Transition Initiatives exemplify the principle of “think globally act locally”, where people organize in their own communities (neighborhood association, neighborhood, town, village or city) to develop organizations, practices and actions that minimize their carbon footprint and energy dependence on fossil fuels. Transition Initiatives generate new and creative ideas in the face of peak oil and climate change. .

Tickets are on sale at Fnac and La Cañada in Marbella Convention Centre box office. Price 10 €.
Arboretum Marbella
Tel 951 137 210

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