What is Reflexology?

Reflexology, per definition is a holistic treatment. This means that reflexology has the intention of treating not only the physical body, but also the mind and the spirit. The combination of these 3 elements make a person who they really are. What makes a person tick? Their opinions, desires, fears, experiences, and every building block which makes this person act and react in the way they do, creates THIS person. For example, when you are coming up with a cold (physical), it will have an effect on your mood and temper (mind/spirit), not that you are always so moody! Each imbalance in either body, mind or spirit has the potential to create ´problems´ in the other elements, and will if the imbalance is not restored.

Reflexology is a natural healing technique which starts from the principle that the body is divided in 10 energy zones. All the organs and places in one zone are interconnected. Working on one part in one zone, will have an effect on the whole zone. Using the hands, feet or ears as working areas, thumb and finger pressure techniques are used to work the zones.

This technique is used to prevent the body from becoming ill or to work on problems caused by stress and tension. More than 75% of all dis-eases are caused by stress. Not so long ago it was believed that only people who have high executive jobs can suffer from stress. Now we all know that lots of people cope with stress, having to combine work and their private life. Even the level of expectations which is put on young children to perform well in school is already causing stress. Reflexology is used to bring the body in a deep relaxed state. This is the optimal state of mind for its own healing system to kick in and rectify any imbalance.

Reflexology also has a positive effect on the circulation, which helps with a more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. More effective circulation speeds up the breakdown of toxins and harmful substances, so that the body can restore and heal even faster.  This goes for any part in the body. Reflexology can also detect imbalances even before the effects are shown physically. This therapy is not a ´cure-for-all´, nor can it diagnose any diseases. It is a natural therapy which helps the body to restore itself. After a treatment, the client generally feels relaxed and happier, which is the first step in feeling and getting better.

Want to learn more about Reflexology?
Francy Vantomme, International ITEC Reflexology teacher and Practitioner will give a fun mini workshop of reflexology at NaturaClass on Friday 23rd of March 2012 at 4pm. Entrance is free.

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