Yoga teacher training

The main activity of the ‘Escuela Internacional de Yoga’, recognized as one of the most prestigious in Europe, is their teacher training programme. Taught in three stages, the course is certified and approved by the International Yoga Alliance, the European Yoga Federation and the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga. It also complies with the new qualification for yoga Instructors in Spain that became law in 2011.

The ‘Escuela Internacional de Yoga’ offers its training courses in the Madrid, Andalucía (San Pedro de Alcantara), the Balearic Islands (Mallorca), Galicia (Santiago) and Valencia (Elche).

Students receive an integrated training and the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects. The methodology is very practical and is designed to offer the student a direct and personal experience, an objective understanding of yoga, space to develop their own potential plus the theoretical and practical knowledge taught in a simple and clear way to create a strong foundation in Yoga principles.

The courses provide students with the tools to experience the very essence of Yoga, working with different perspectives and methods and styles, aiming to develop an evolutionary path to their learning.

It is an intensive education designed to train in different aspects of this ancient discipline with a solid theoretical basis, a good command of psychophysical techniques and safe teaching methods.

The courses are open to everyone looking to pursue and deepen their knowledge of yoga, whether for their own personal growth or to perfect their technique as well as for people looking specifically to prepare for teaching yoga and its diverse applications. The qualifications are recognised by other establishments.

Escuela Internacional de Yoga
c/ Tolox, 5, San Pedro Alcantara
Tel: 952 775 634

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