Your mind will survive at any cost

If you are not in the right place in life you need to make some changes. The mind, however, is a mechanism of protection, it doesn’t like change, always seeking comfort and security, its role is to help you survive and protect you from harm. It is not programmed to help you succeed in life and be happy.

Why don’t people get what they want? Because they don’t know what they want, and even if they do, they often don’t know how to get it. Most people mistake the means with the end, the objectives with the results. Making money is not a goal, it is a result. Being happy or feel good is not a goal or an outcome, it is a way of life, which depends on you. How can you make things clearer, know what you want and how to get there? In our workshops people learn in a fun environment how to:

1. Clarify your current situation and design your goals and objectives: this may be something you do anyway, but with the help and supervision of a qualified expert in solving problems and helping you to see yourself from the outside, we can help you to turn your vision into your mission. This will clarify for you where you need to start to focus on your goals and define your objectives. You will leave the workshop with a project for your life, a road map that will show you the path to follow to get what you want in life.

2. You control your mind: Inside you is the strength to overcome any situation that comes your way, but you have to learn to be the master of your mind, to change the beliefs that hurt you, the thought patterns determine everything you do. Learn to have confidence in yourself, instead of needing the approval of others. You will leave these workshops saying, “Out excuses, I have the strength and power to decide what to do with my life.”

3. Grow and become bigger than our problems: Like all living beings, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. If your problems are bigger than you then you drown, dying, becoming like a zombie. If the problems are the same size as you are, then you do what you can to solve them, but they are always there, just when one is dealt with another comes along, a continuous issue that consumes you. Our energy is in a constant process of expansion and contraction that can be converted into something positive for you. You will learn how to become bigger than your problems, look at them from above as something you can handle without much energy expenditure.

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