Andalucía Eco-foro en Málaga

Andalusia Eco Forum is a one-day congress looking at responsible tourism for sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. The Sustainability Euro-Mediterranean Forum, organised by eco-union, is launching a new edition in Málaga (Andalusia) on 28 November with sustainable tourism as the main focus

Eco-union organises these Eco-forums annually as international meetings that bring together experts on sustainability in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. Málaga will be the host on the
28th November 2013 to the first Eco Forum in Andalucía: panels, discussions, workshops and an eco-contest ‘The Dreamers’, make up the activities that complete the program. The day will cover key issues such as policies for the development of eco-tourism, innovation in tourist destinations, eco-entrepreneurship, the green economy and economy of the common good, and “ecofriendly” cities.


The old Parador de San Rafael, the current home of Turismo Andaluz (c/Compañía, 40, Málaga), will be the setting for experts, thinkers and professionals committed to a future based on advanced, sustainable and inclusive societies. Among the confirmed speakers names are: Luigi Cabrini (Director of the Sustainable Development Department, World Tourism Organisation), and Manuel J. Marchena (Professor of Regional Geographic Analysis, University of Sevilla ), who will take part in the discussion ‘SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: the conditions for sustainable tourism development in the Euro-Mediterranean region’.

In the ‘ORGANIZATIONS discussion: Innovation and sustainability in tourism’ one of the highlights will be Peter Manschot, director of Al Andalus Photo Tour, and Julia Vera, director of
Travelecology (Environmental Field Courses Tourism). The key note speaker is Xavier Font, Director of Studies of the International Responsible Tourism Centre at Leeds Metropolitan University, who will give us his presentation on Responsible Tourism Marketing. Finally, in the ‘GREEN ECONOMY Discussion: Sustainable tourism in the context of the green economy’, specialists such as Amanda Guzman, Coordinator at European Ecotourism Network Spain, will be involved. Diego Isabel La Moneda, International Coordinator of the Economy of the Common good and author of the book ‘I am You’, will facilitate the workshop on eco-entrepreneurship, green skills, sustainable business and the economy for the common good.

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You can find the full program of the event in Málaga at Finally, in the Andalusia Eco Forum section.
The DREAMERS CONTEST will see 10 eco entrepreneurs present their practical, viable, social, creative and green entrepreneurship projects.

Participants can send their proposal via the form on the web site until November 7, 2013. A few days later, on November 14 the projects selected to participate in the contest will be posted.

Andalusia Eco Forum is also about culture. We are fans of the work by Drap-Art, a non-proft association that since 1995 promotes creative recycling. They will be responsible for the cultural program of the event with artistic works by Art Parabelum, Bernat Capellades, Eduard Palacios, Creative Hache, Petulapla, System Design Studio and Toni Moranta.
The performance element will be provided by Peter Manschot, presenting his work “Musical Landscapes”, a combination of images and live music.

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Book now! Andalusia Eco Forum, 28 de novembre 2013, Málaga!

Silvia Montoya or Isabel Guerrero (Communication eco-union)
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About eco-union
Eco-union is a non-profit association that works to create and connect agents of change among the different sectors of society,
public administration, economic and social strata to act as a catalyst for the transition towards sustainability. At eco-union, we empower these
agents of change, we connect them through networking and we innovate in society through all our activities and projects: eco-training,
courses, workshops, e-learning 2.0, videoconferencing, online discussions, cineforums, and the organisation of the Eco Forums,
international multi-platform congresses on Sustainablity. Around these activities and in collaboration with other entities, eco-union
develops a series of projects in which innovation and use of new technologies for networking and synergies are the main focus.

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