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Arboretum Marbella promotes sustainability, a change in attitude, raising awareness and conservation of resources. We plant ideas, concepts and values and then water them with action, consistency and responsible work, so that more and more people grow up with a different perspective and a different relationship with their natural and social environment.

Last year Arboretum launched a transition initiative in Marbella, INTransition, which already has 81 people involved in three emerging projects: Responsible consumption, edible gardens and educational activities. This year we intend to get into everyone’s pocket, so that through talks and workshops people understand the power we all have through our consumer habits. Money is the means, not then end in itself and since society began to change its priorities it is no longer important to “be a good person”, but to become “a person with many possessions” – responsibility and ethics of our actions have turned in the wrong direction.

We have to accept that this financial crisis is just one more indication of the deep crisis of values embedded in our societies. Money is not bad, it is the way that we use it. The vast majority of people are not aware of the repercussions of what they do with their money around the world. One of the keys of change, one of many, is one we all have it in our pocket but we don’t know how to use it. What if we all start buying local produce, or fair trade coffee, or deposit our money only in ethical banks? It is clear that we change the rules of the game. If we are independent we can consume less and more responsibly, buying what we need and investing in more spiritual and cultural things rather than superfluous material goods.

Already, some economists tell us that we need to remove money from centre stage and relplace it with humanity and satisfaction with what we have, and there are economists and bankers who ask us not to place maximum profit at the heart of the economy, but put human welfare, and the economy of the common good first.

We need to make conscious decisions and assume the small but weighty responsibility that this implies. We all have money in our pockets, and this can be a popular way of change. We need to consume organic products, better if they are local, lower our carbon footprint and reactivate the local economy, reactivate the society we belong to. This is being ethical and this makes our money, through our consciousness, our responsibility and our actions ethical too.

If this sounds interesting we invite everyone on March 2 to the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella to hear from the mouth of a banker with a heart, Joan Antoni Melé – Deputy Director of Triodos Bank – ethical banking. An inspiring talk, empowering and find out how change really is in the use of our money.

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Money and Awareness

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