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Kombucha is a natural drink based on tea. It is organic, refreshing and a commercial version is made locally in Cadiz. The difference from other drinks, including organic ones, is that kombucha has many healthy benefits especially for our digestion. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, including the famous vitamin B12, and on top of the rich taste that is like champagne it has no alcohol and is safe for children to drink. Any sugar content is purely residual and it is safe for diabetics, always after consulting your doctor. There are 8 flavours that La Semilla Ecológica sell on their stall at the organic markets around Málaga, and they claim that the best experience that anyone can have from drinking kombucha is that they start to feel better. This is in contrast to many other drinks that can be gassy and have unpleasant effects on the stomach, whereas the kombucha actually aids digestion.

Making kombucha is no great secret. This healthy and tasty elixir is a type of kefir that is produced after 12 days of fermentation with the tea flavour of choice and sugar. Bottled at a small local business in Cadiz and distributed by la Semilla Ecologica it offers a great alternative to the traditional drinks that, as summer approaches, we drink more and more of.

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