No matter who we are or what we do, whether we feel capable or intelligent, we will all at some point want to change or improve something about ourselves, but we won’t necessarily know how to go about it. Coaching offers personal skills training where the coach works with the client to help them reach their goals. Coaching helps us to be more aware of our capabilities, developing our potential and changing what limits us. It is a process of communication first between coach and client and finally with the client himself.

The work opens doors to self fulfillment stages, awareness and personal satisfaction. The life and human being are holistic realities, formed by numerous interconnected parts, if they are in tune, operate at full capacity. So, our relationship with ourselves directly impacts our health, our job performance, in our personal relationships and in the way we perceive and understand our surroundings. From coaching esplinGo accompany people in their process of self-discovery and personal growth, especially those going through an experience of mourning. We all deserve to be happy and enjoy a full life. To achieve this we have to take charge, begin to look beyond, look who we are, what we want and mobilize to get it.


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