Do something fantastic, use less plastic!!!

Plastic, and particularly plastic packaging, is one of the major toxic pollutants of our time, causing serious damage to the environment at every stage of its life cycle, from production right through to disposal. Sadly, most of the plastic ever created still exists, and much of it has ended up in our oceans, where it has devastating consequences for our marine and birdlife. What makes this even more tragic is that most of the plastic rubbish we generate as consumers is unnecessary, and the cleaning industry is a perfect example of this. The main ingredient in a cleaning product is water, and yet when we buy cleaning solutions in a ready to use format, we are senselessly generating unnecessary packaging, and carbon emissions, in order to ship water from one location to another.

This is why at NanoKleen we believe it is really important to provide cleaning products in a concentrated format. When we buy cleaning products in concentrated solutions and educate ourselves to add water at the end point of use, this small change in our behavior means that we can use ten times less plastic with very little effort. You also only have to shop once and you have enough product for several months, use less space in your cupboards, and although you have to outlay a bit more in the beginning, overall you pay much less for your cleaning product. With one litre of a pure Nanokleen cleaning product you have enough to make fourteen standard spray bottles. Have a look at our video to find out how easy it is to use.

There are some fantastic organisations working hard to reduce our plastic problem. Why not visit their websites or Facebook pages and show your support?

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