Eric Rolf – Awaken the sleeping genius

Eric Rolf, a western spiritually based teacher will be bringing his wisdom and insight to a special course organized by Asociacion Lotus in Málaga in April. Based around his revolutionary self healing model, Soul Medicine, the course aims to get rid of the ‘unholy trinity’ – eliminate stress, pain and emotional suffering; erase guilt and transform feelings of lack and personal impotence.
Born in 1936 in New York, Eric has dedicated his life to the exploration of creative and communication processes from their inner sources, and has become well known for his natural self healing and personal self realization activities working with both individuals and groups of all types.

Apart from Soul Medicine, Eric Rolf is also the creator and developer of the ‘Inner Creative Language’ – the secret of intuition and the 10 inner senses – and the ‘Nutrients of the Soul’ – an activity guide to inner empowerment. His books include ‘Counting on Your Soul – the numerology of the soul’ and ‘Soul Medicine – the anti-medicine of creative cause and inner listening’. Since 1981 Eric has been based in the Málaga area, although his work has taken him all over the world consulting with organizations like NASA and individuals such as Yoko Ono and Paul Simon.
The Soul Medicine course aims to improve vital energy, increase creative productivity and greatly enhance personal power. It teaches how to use the body’s ‘Secret Code’ to stay healthy and act as a healing companion to the entire family. The course reveals how to work with the 10 inner senses and the nutrients of the soul, helping to remove deeply ingrained attitudes and to tap into the creative physics of abundance.

April 13 & 14: Soul medicine course;
tel: 653 830 122 (tardes)

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