Fair trade furniture

Deco-Home, which was founded in 2004, imports handicrafts, décor and furniture mainly from Bali, but also other parts of Indonesia and Thailand.

As globalisation increases the gap between rich and poor, small producers are trying in vain to pull out all the stops working to exhaustion, often in conditions akin to slavery in the hope of carving a place in a market dominated by multi-nationals. Claude back from a six month trip with his motor bike has within these countries, to search of beautiful and original craft, to find all products. Deco-Home’s products come directly from the local village artisans and not from large factories or international dealers. They are committed to supporting indigenous cultures by utilising Fair Trade principles which include the payment of fair living wages, supporting environmentally sustainable projects, respecting cultural identity, promoting safe and healthy working conditions and discouraging forced and exploitative child labour. Fair Trade is a way of doing business that is ethically and environmentally responsible –making free trade work for those in
developing nations and in poverty.

They sell, with a limited stock, a wide range of interior and exterior products including:
• Rings, Necklaces, Belt
• Gifts and handicrafts
• Indoor and outdoor lighting
• Balinese umbrellas
• Ceramic dishes
• Vases and potteries
• Mirrors
• Interior decoration
• Paintings
• Unusual pieces in teak wood
• Original and exclusive furniture
• Statues, including Buddhas and Ganesha
• Fountains
• Stone, or wood carved animals, elephants, crocodiles, monkey
They currently have 4,000 articles from 1€ to a life size elephant for your garden. Take advantage of the direct import without middle man and excusive items with unbelievable prices.

Deco-Home is located on the Mijas Road, kilometer 4, between Fuengirola and Mijas Village. They are open every day from 10 am to 7pm, including Sundays and holidays.

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