Gerardo Pizarro – ancestral Shamanic Wisdom

The shaman and trustee of the family lineage of ancient wisdom brings his purification ritual ‘mesa’ to the West. While leaning on the objects that make up the ritual ‘mesa’, Gerardo Pizarro invokes the forces of nature, as did his ancestors in the Mochica civilization for over a millennium. Freed from the shackles of daily routine for a few hours, participants are immersed with the shaman in a healing energy field with unique properties. The room is flooded with a great sense of power from the extraordinary ancient rituals performed by the healer from the northern coast of Peru. Born in the seaside village of Túcume, in northern Peru, Gerardo showed his healing abilities from a very early age.

“In ancient times, shamans were part of every culture on the planet,” explains Gerardo. . “They were healers, doctors and sometimes even tribal chiefs. I continued to add to my ‘mesa’ ancestral ritual objects that belonged to shamans of other cultures and had a role similar to that played today, as part of my ritual purification ceremony. ” Gerardo is heir and custodian of this shamanic wisdom. Inspired by his desire to learn his goal is to create a foundation for the preservation of such knowledge and to teach the children of his native region.

Jun 28: conferencia gratuito; Hotel Tamisa Golf, Camino de Coín, Mijas costa
Tel: 660 092 090

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