Greenpeace demand end to tax on using renewable energy at home

The National energy commission (CNE) has ruled in favor of Greenpeace in its claims against the lobby of the electrical companies

Greenpeace welcome the ruling by the CNE in favor of the environmental organization in its claims against the Royal Decree on self-generated consumption. The proposal of the Ministry of Industry has been shown to be completely unauthorized, leaving the Minister, Soria, no choice but to withdraw its proposal and make another, totally different one.

CNE’s report supports the argument that consumers have the right to generate their own power and have their own autonomy in energy, against the power companies that have tried to restrict this inalienable right.

“The electric companies, led by Iberdrola, see self generation as a threat to their oligopoly, whereas the reality is that making their own energy saves money and helps people cope with the crisis and sets the stage for a new form of energy development in Spain,” said Barea, Energy campaigner of Greenpeace. “It is very serious that the government appears to serve only the interests of certain companies to the detriment of the general interest. This decree, submitted by the Government, has to go straight to the trash .”

Greenpeace sent the CNE their reviews on the Royal Decree on auto-consumption proposed by the Government as part of its energy reform. The environmental organization said that there was a need for a profound change in the text which was clearly discriminatory against the end-user and went against saving and efficiency, points that the CNE fully agreed with.

Greenpeace also warned of the unprecedented agreement on the terms and resolutions of Royal Decree by the UNESA companies. Among the trouble spots was the creation of the “backup toll” a term coined and insistently advocated by Iberdrola.

With this “backup toll” the government intends to levy a tax on energy consumption even if it is self-generated. Greenpeace claims it is completely illogical since this charge should only be levied for energy consumed from the grid.

Moreover, within all the nonsense contained in this RD, in the section on sanctions, is the penalty for not registering power output. This ommission would be considered bery serious and coudl result in a fine of up to 60,000,000€.

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