Healing with Gerardo Pizarro

Gerardo Pizarro is a shaman of the Lambayeque tradition who is visiting the Costa del Sol in early October, and offering two workshops for the general public, a free conference on Friday 4th October and an autumn equinox ritual on Saturday 5th. During his visit Gerardo will also be available for private consultations and offers a variety of different readings and therapies

Gerardo Pizarro performs private readings with the Spanish deck. During the reading, the participant will be provided with guidance and clarification on a variety of life-related matters such as work projects, love, relationships, family or health. Further guidance on our spiritual journey can also be given if requested. Gerardo will answer questions about our present and future paths. Through this individualized reading session a personal diagnosis is provided and the shaman will determine the origin and causes of our problem. During the session, Gerardo unveils the steps
we should take to solve and set ourselves free from the forces that cause our imbalance.

Complete and profound massage technique based on shamanic traditional healing therapies from the north of Peru. Our bodies and minds can be affected by anger, resentment or any kind
of negativity surrounding us. Fright disconnects the soul form the body, causing a variety of symptoms such as heavy body aching, paralysis, loss of memory, back pains and strong abdominal strains. This complete massage technique releases the physical stress from our beings. The discharge of specific points in the body dissolves the accumulated knots
that hinder blood circulation and the energetic flow, restoring our natural energy and vitality.

It is a personalized ritual with a very old tradition that Gerardo uses for removing fright, evil eye works and the negative vibrations retained by the body due to stress, anger, suffering, anxiety and sadness. When Gerardo passes the egg around the body, the memories retained and recorded by the person are set free thanks to the sensibility of the egg’s living cells. This
cleansing is also used to diagnose, harmonize and see the person’s energetic, auric and physical conditions. The egg has the ability to absorb the negative energy attached to the
being. It helps to clear bad feelings and negative intentions directed to our selves. The treatment does also protect from envy and jealousy. After performing the cleansing, the person will be able to see all that the egg has absorbed and the negativity that has been released.

Baths are ancestral rites that make us recover the connection with the universe by tuning in with the forces of nature through the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. Gerardo Pizarro offers this ritual to those who pursue a greater personal growth. Baths provide with the energy of the elements, opening a new stage in our lives, full of flowering in love, work, health, abundance and good luck. The ritual bath strengthens our selfesteem and the recognition of our own self value. The materials used in Gerardo’s ritual baths are original and based in the inherited knowledge

Information about the workshops here

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