International community energy day

To coincide with the International community energy day, Friends of the Earth presented ‘Cultivate your own energy’, a publication that aims to counteract the government policy to penalise energy autonomy and to actuvely encourage people to take control of their own energy consumption. The publication highlights the the lack of efficiency in a centralised system based on fossil fuels and offers real alternatives to create energy independance.

The booklet aims to engage the general public in the wider debate about energy, explaining some of the key points in the sector, and crisiticizing the government for its lack of coherent policy.

I don’t understand how European politicians can focus on a low carbon society based on renewable energy while at the same time giving subsidies to oil companies and those involved in fracking.” Said Hector de Prado, Climate and Energy spokesperson of Amigos de la Tierra.

The publication also emphasizes various forms of consumption and provides for those who can not have their own solar panels, the possibility of becoming co-owners of the Friends of the Earth Solar Farm by a participation of at least 100€.

Another of the points was the unpopular “toll backup” facilities for consumption proposed by the Government during the last reform of July. Pep Puig, President of the Spanish section Eurosolar and participant with the publication Ecoserveis said about that “We can look at it like this – if you have a garden with tomatoes, the government wants that instead of putting your tomato in your mouth, instead you have to take it to the shop, pay for it and go back home. That’s toll backup.”

The crux of the presentation was a video of two partners promoters of two projects outlined in the publication in La Serna , Palencia and Santa Gertrudis , Ibiza, who used to highlight both ” obstacles that the Government is putting their projects “as” energy impoverishment to which they are subjecting this country. ” And is that the new government plans threaten investments undertaken by small and medium enterprises , farmers and more than 50,000 families who once decided to go for a clean energy -based model.

The rest of this article is available in Spanish here

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[2] Más información sobre la Huerta Solar Amigos de la Tierra en:

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