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Dr. Jean Garant has been pioneering a cutting edge, integrated approach to health, wellness and vitality for over 20 years. His path started after working as a general medical practitioner, having studied medicine in Málaga and further specialising in biological medicine in Madrid. As a long time collaborator with La Chispa we wanted to find out more about his views on medicine and how his approach can create a more holistic and personal approach to wellness.

La Chispa: Why did you feel that conventional medicine was not the right solution?

Dr. Jean Garant: To put it simply, conventional medicine was not providing enough answers. The body is incredibly complex and I found that in practice people were not getting 100% better with conventional treatment. Unlike a lot of my peers I had an open mind and could see that there was more to the medical picture than we were taught at medical school. Now I believe the universities and hospitals are too much under the influence of the pharmaceutical companies to teach us a true picture.

La Chispa: What was your first investigation / experience of ‘natural’ medicine?

Dr. Jean Garant: My inquisitive mind first brought me to look at homeopathy and acupuncture, but it was when I went to a conference in Denmark and discovered what was happening in the USA that my eyes were really opened to new possibilities. I went over to investigate chelation therapy and saw some excellent work that they were doing there cleaning arteries and eliminating heavy metals, which is a big problem today. Doctors were very open and welcoming and interested in the latest research.

La Chispa: What made you think that this approach would be more effective?
Dr. Jean Garant: Any doctor should want to have the best tools to get the best results. The new, innovative techniques I have studied are added to the conventional ones and give me a much bigger toolbox for diagnosing and treating my patients.

La Chispa: What is your opinion of the medical system in general?
Dr. Jean Garant: To keep it short I would say that first there is a massive lack of preventative health care. Look at the epidemic of ‘diabesity’ (diabetes and obesity) both of which are completely avoidable but not enough is being done to avoid the problem in the first place. But of course second we have to consider the excessive influence of the pharmaceutical companies that are less interested in prevention and more interested in selling more product as treatment.

La Chispa: Can we trust these ‘new’ systems – are they tried and tested like conventional medicine?

Dr. Jean Garant: There is a huge amount of information out there and the internet is full of people trying to sell you something. Like anything in life, it is a good idea to enlist a competent guide who can filter all this information. I have studied and investigated in depth these techniques and attended dozens of conferences to establish what works and I can use that knowledge to provide what is best for my patients. With regards to products, supplements and the like, always look for pharmaceutical grade to guarantee that you are getting a high quality product that does what it says.

La Chispa: What do you think is the best way forward for integrated medicine?
Dr. Jean Garant: In my opinion we need to see better training to help more doctors understand these systems and to tie the research together more. The USA is really advanced both in conventional and alternative medicine, but I very rarely see European doctors at the conferences I attend there.

La Chispa: Who is doing important work on this around the world?
Dr. Jean Garant: Some organisations are worth looking at
World Health (
ICIMed (
Euromedicom (

La Chispa: What advance are we going to see in the near future?
Dr. Jean Garant: The three big advances we are going to see will be in genetics, stem cell research and nanotechnology. I also see telomeres playing a big part in modern medicine (see Chispa Oct-Nov 2011). Doctors of the future will be geneticists, providing detailed individual diagnostics and highly personalised treatments. Our knowledge in these fields is doubling every two years and conventional doctors simply can’t keep up with the advances.

La Chispa: Do you have a particular programme that you recommend for people or is your work highly individual?
Dr. Jean Garant: Obviously there are some general things that are good for everyone. Myself I now have a routine that involves, among other things, an innovative exercise system of 10 minutes intensive work on different parts of the body, in 30 second bursts. Meditation is also important and eating organic and vegetarian food wherever possible. Some supplements that I recommend include Resveratrol and astaxanthin (powerful antioxidants), magnesium and a pro-hormone like vitamin D – these are good for most of us especially as we age.

La Chispa: What kind of conditions have you worked with at your clinic? Do you have a particular speciality?
Dr. Jean Garant: My speciality is in the area of biological medicine and longevity. This means that I treat all conditions, especially those that affect us as we get older. My work is to prevent those conditions appearing in the first place, so I use advanced diagnostic testing, including advanced genetic analysis through a saliva sample to see exactly what each patient needs to boost their own immune, cardiovascular and hormonal systems. We do in depth hormone testing to establish oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid levels, as well as bowel analysis to make sure the gut is working properly. All this gives me the best possible information to keep my patients in optimum health for longer.

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