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It’s been over a month since the eco-union team in Malaga moved from their old premises. Without leaving the capital, eco-union left their central office to join the newly created business incubator ‘La Virreina’. Located in a restored mansion in the Virreina district (Avda. Jane Bowles), this incubator was built by PROMALAGA, a municipal company that develops and promotes businesses and economic activity in the city. La Virreina hosts a number of offices and workshops for small businesses and the self employed that include creative firms, specialist consultants in research and development, new forms of tourism and historic preservation. Eco-union joins them, bringing its expertise in being an agent of change in the transition towards sustainability, promoting environmental tourism and the use of digital content and media for training.

The hub of eco-union’s local activities in Málaga will also move to this co-working space. During 2013 this nonprofit association, which specialises in urban ecology and sustainability training, will take advantage of the great in-house facilities for all types of activities and will continue to integrate themselves into the social fabric of the city: conferences, workshops, classes in urban ecology and environmental cine forums will be part of their annual programme. With this in mind it is worth mentioning that, apart from the excellent facilities at La Virreina and prime location, it has easy and sustainable access with both bus and bike lanes to the door.

La Virreina will now also host the ongoing meetings and activities for the green business network, RedVerSo that was launched last summer. RedVerSo is an initiative that brings together thirty companies, professional associations and organizations based in Málaga, focusing on boosting cooperation, synergy and networking. Strengthening the local economy in these times of crisis is critical, and that also happens to lay the foundations for more sustainable business and commercial activities that are equitable, healthy and responsible. There is no doubt that this new venue will be a catalyst for growth for RedVerSo during 2013.

Mar 9: RedVerSo asemblea de socios, todo bienvendio – general meeting for members, all welcome

Silvia Montoya, eco-union
Tlf.: 95 200 59 19
Incubadora, Avda. Jane Bowles, s/n


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