Lingualoca – Language learning with a difference

Looking for something different this summer? How about a language camp with a difference? Bridie Jackson, director of Lingualoca, believes that children can learn through play and creative activities and has developed a complete programme to put her ideas into action. “At Lingualoca we work from the principle that with engaging activities, creative practice, fun and friends, we can support each individual’s language learning needs,” says Bridie. When we are interested, happy, creating, rewarded and encouraged, learning is no longer an action. It becomes a subconscious state, which is actually how learning ought to be. By allowing students to enjoy themselves during each activity, they are motivated and enthusiastic to “learn” more.”

Applying this philosophy to the summer camp, held in a farm school in the Alpujarras in August, means lots of fun activities including circus skills, cookery, story-telling, dance and working with animals. “Time spent on our camps offers children an adventure into self sufficiency and self development,” continues Bridie. “They connect with new friends and cultures and learn to respect others, the environment and themselves.”

Lingualoca are looking for qualified staff with motivation and skills. If you are a TEFL teacher with a special skill or talent (such as juggling, street dance or theatre) looking for work this summer they´d love to hear from you

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