Málaga alternative: Giraffes can dance

A new children’s space in Málaga called ‘Giraffes can Dance’ is an activity centre for children of all ages, a place they can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and creative play space to interact with each other, play games and take part in one of the many workshops that are organised there. ‘Giraffes can Dance’ is also an educational space where children can learn safely and confidently in an atmosphere of respect and mutual assistance. The centre also offers talks and workshops for parents looking to deepen their experience and abilities in raising their children in the best way possible and can share their parenting experiences. The free play space encourages children to use their senses, learn motor skills and, working with Montessori materials, develop values through the interaction with the educational games. Very little ones have their own space with toys adapted to their age where they can establish their first relationships with others the same age. Parents can choose from a monthly programme of activities and sign up to the summer camp.


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