Message for the tribe of many colours

Keisha Crowther – Little grandmother – Abuelita

In this first visit to Spain Little Grandmother will be sharing direct teachings from Mother Earth. As a child, she spent long periods of time alone in the wilderness, where she had been taught by the ancestors, grandmothers past, and Mother Earth. Since being initiated on her path as Shaman and Wisdom Keeper at the age of 30, Kiesha has begun to share teachings and to conduct ceremonies and healing for the benefit of humanity and Mother Earth. She feels her responsibility to be carrying and communicating earth wisdom and the ancient knowledge for our current age.

Her work as a Wisdom Keeper also includes the planting of sacred crystals in very specific locations around the world for the renewal and strengthening of Mother Earth’s precious ley lines. Her powerful message emphasizes how to shift individual and planetary consciousness, how to live from the heart in right relationship with Mother Earth, and to remember who we are–THE GREAT I AM.

Contact Details:
Tel: 607 142 801

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