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People offering courses in baby massage help parents take charge of their baby’s basic education, their first lesson that they learn after birth. As we all know, babies have a distinct personality from birth, which should not be underestimated just because it is not expressed in our language, and through the contact of touch we can learn to communicate with them and respect their own decisions. It’s true – babies can makes their own decisions – who they want to touch, to talk to, to cuddle, and we should learn how to respect that.

In baby massage classes, parents have an intimate and safe environment where they can interact with each other and connect with other like-minded parents. During the classes they learn to relax, to let go and spend quality time dedicated exclusively to their baby. Baby massage can be used in any family with any baby, indeed, it is recommended for adopted babies to help strengthen the bond and premature babies have been scientifically proven to gain weight following massage treatment. For babies who are born with a disability like deafness or blindness, massage can help to create a language from birth, a nonverbal language where all babies can feel understood.

Baby massage classes have a theoretical part, where advice is given on dealing with colic and wind, behavioral states, and different types of crying (emotional or physical), and in the practical part students learn some simple techniques that serve primarily to develop verbal and non-verbal communication with the baby. This also helps to create a sense of wellbeing in the children that inevitably means that the parents also have peace of mind.

The reported benefits of baby massage are many and varied. For the whole family it can help siblings relate better and creates a relaxed family atmosphere, while for the baby it can help with sleep, digestion, coordination, emotional development and non-verbal communication. Ultimately infant massage is a powerful communication tool that we can use with our children, to help them feel better, and so no doubt we’ll be happier and more able to face the difficulties that come as they grow up.

Miriam Gutierrez Gutierrez
Infant Massage Educator and Doula.
678 873 544

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