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If we talk about health and the strategies that we have to care for and improve it, the circle starts and finishes at the mouth, particularly with regards to the food we choose to put in it. A conscious diet, with all that implies, is an essential part of any strategy of wellbeing.

In the years that I’ve cultivated a healthy eating style, I have taken the time to travel and experience different ways, but have not really found one in particular that I can declare is more useful than others. Instead, my challenge as a health educator has been to provide knowledge for everyone to find ways that are appropriate, that is typical for a ‘conscious being’ who does not need to be led step by step, but to be given the tools to do it themselves in a free and self-sufficient way.

It is important to acknowledge that there are new insights that are changing our view of the science of nutrition and health. Before it was all about carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, then vitamins and minerals appeared on the stage and later a growing understanding of enzymes and essential fatty acids, that have broken new ground in our understanding of health today. Those exploring the frontiers of knowledge are now looking at epigenetics (how outside influences affect our genetic evolution), the importance of emotions as a nutritional component and, ultimately, the conviction that we feed on energy and in the end it all comes down to photons. Today the focus of my work is to teach people to manage the energy in their body using the best food resources at their disposal, including a diet rich in photons.

Fascinating new fields are opening right before our eyes and yet are not fully recognised by most health professionals, let alone by the general public, but that should not stop us from moving forward. In reality the real difficulty is that we have become a civilization that values over-complex thinking whereas the answers are accessible through the eyes ancient wisdom. Instead of addressing health through over analysis in science, we should do it through the eyes of awakened beings characterized by simplicity, innocence and effectiveness.

In short, conscious food can be found in a form of eating that provides health and pleasure, that satisfies our physical needs and essential objectives and has the best possible impact on both our lives and the life of the planet and society. Over time we discover that what is good for ourselves, considering ourselves as a body-mind-soul unit, is good for everyone.

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