Nature’s pharmacy – The essence in a bottle

As someone who works on a daily basis with holistic therapies, Birgit Danneberg, from retreat centre Molino Málaga, is always on the look out for new techniques that work on all levels of mind, body and spirit. She wanted to tell us about her latest discovery, a range of therapeutic grade essential oils from a company called Doterra. “Up to 50 – 70 % more effective than the dried herb, the essential oils are called also the essence or the soul of the plant,” explains Birgit. “Their molecular structure is so fine and very similar to the chemical structure of the human cells, so that our body assimilates them easily and quickly.”

The oils can be used for a range of different conditions to help protect against illness, boost the immune system and help digestion and generally improve health. People who have tried the oils report great success whether it is to help lose weight or ease bad digestion, and Birgit and her team are organizing meetings once a fortnight for people to come and try the oils and learn more about nature’s pharmacy.

Birgit Danneberg, Tel.: 951 215 903 or 661 440 756 ,

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