Osteopathy for babies

Osteopathy is very beneficial for babies. During birth the baby passes through the pelvis and the head suffers compression. After birth a natural phase of decompression takes place through which the baby´s skull bones go back to their normal position.

Sometimes this decompression phase is not completed properly, especially if the birth was either unusually fast or long or if forceps or a vacuum was used. In these cases although the head may look symmetrical the compression may still be present. In this instance the baby usually cries, will be irritated, has sleeping problems, breastfeeding difficulties or constipation among other symptoms.
In between the baby’s skull there are cranial nerves that are connected to the organs. If the compression is still present after birth these nerves can be irritated by the bones affecting the physiology of the organs and creating problems.

Each cranial nerve has a different function and each one is extremely important. For example, the correct function of the 5 senses is involved, movement of the eye, the tongue, the facial muscles, etc. One nerve is connected to the lungs, the heart and the gastro-intestinal system, thus we can see that only one irritated nerve can result in complications.
The osteopath intervenes decompressing the skull bones of the baby’s head using light, gentle and precise manipulations, helping with the disappearance of the symptoms.

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