Over 100 NGOs demand end to funding for bullfighting

Intrernation Animal Protection organizations have asked the government to reject new funding for this inhumane activity.

In a show of global unity against the cruelty of bullfighting, a delegation led by representatives of major animal protection organizations, including CAS International, Humane Society International (HSI), League Againts Cruel Sports (LACS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) visited Congress on behalf of more than one hundred NGOs from around the world. These representatives were accompanied by the platform ‘Torture is Not Culture’ (LTNEC), which represents the major Spanish animal protection organizations.

The delegation delivered a letter to the deputies and spokespeople of the Commissions for Culture, External Affairs and Tourism, asking that they do not approve a political initiative currently under discussion in Congress, which aims to protect bullfighting as “Cultural Property” throughout Spain. the letter has been signed by more than 100 NGO’s from 29 countries. Similar requests were presented in Spanish embassies in cities around the world and in total, under the umbrella hashtag #LoveSpainHateBullfights the petition attracted more than 256,600 signatures in more than 135 countries.

Additionally, the international group filed another letter signed by 140 scientists from around the world in which they express their professional concerns about the link between animal abuse and violence and, in particular, on the impact that exposure to bullfighting can have on desensitizing children.

Marta Esteban, President of The Torture is not culture, said: “As recent polls show, the vast majority do not support Spanish bullfights, much less want our taxes continue to be used to support it. Together we call on our politicians not to support this legislation, and to listen to the many international organizations and citizens who have spoken – requesting that Spain shows more compassion towards animals. We hope that our political representatives will oppose this law that does nothing to help ‘Brand Spain’.”

The proposed legislation aims to protect and promote bullfighting as “Cultural Property”, and includes the use of public funds to support this activity each year. A survey this year by Ipsos MORI found that more than three quarters of Spanish citizens do not want their taxes used to subsidize bullfighting. It also revealed that only 7% percent attend a bullfight at least once a year and that sixty-seven percent agrees that children under 16 not be allowed to attend bullfights. The proposed legislation , initiated by supporters of bullfighting , is currently being debated and is expected to be approved in the coming weeks.

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