PDC – permaculture design course starts in Marbella

On October 18 the second Permaculture Design Course (PDC 2013) will begin, organized by Arboretum Marbella. This course consists of 104 hours of intensive training which results in an internationally recognized qualification.

The course is both theoretical and practical and consists of 8 modules that will cover all issues related to permaculture as a design tool for systems and sustainable human settlements. The course is designed according to international standards and taught by five exceptional educators with a huge amount of knowledge and experience in this field. The course can be taken by anyone with an interest in helping with the transition to societies and lifestyles which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Alejandro Cesar Orioli, Organizer of PDC 2013 and Director of Arboretum Marbella explains; “By participating in the PDC 2013 course you will get spiritual nourishment, intellectual stimulation and practical tools to deal with the socio-ecological challenges we face and it will open your mind to another way to view the world we live in and see how you can be part of a brighter future for society and our planet.”


The course will equip participants with knowledge and skills to develop a design that offers simple and elegant solutions taken from nature, is low energy and highly efficient. Students will learn how to collaborate with others, develop decision-making abilities and be empowered to be able to confidently create a Permaculture design plan.
Upon completion of the course all participants with receive a certificate of participation and an internationally recognized qualification as a Permaculture professional.

Key Course Information
Location: Albergue Juvenil Marbella and Arboretum Marbella Course Length: Intensive 10 days/80 hours (8 hours over 72 set by international standards) and optionally 24 hours of practical training. Date: 18th -27th October compulsory course / 28th – 30th October 30 optional hours of practical training. Times: 10.00- 14.00 and from 16.00-20.00 each day Language: Spanish Facilitator: Alejandro C. Orioli, Director Arboretum Marbella, expert in Permaculture and Chemistry graduate. The remaining educators will be other permaculture graduates, all with over 20 years of experience covering their specialist subjects.

What is Permaculture? The term comes from the idea developed in the 70s by two Australian ecologists, Dr. Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, who began to develop a series of techniques and principles for creating sustainable and permanent farming systems in response to the rapidly increasing use of agro-destructive methods that were poisoning the land and water (pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc.), drastically reducing destroying biodiversity and previously fertile soils.

In the mid 1980s the book Permaculture One was published and the basic PDC course was developed so that many people could implement their methods with success. As a result permaculture projects, associations and institutes were established in more than 100 countries.

Permaculture is now well established throughout the world there are many examples of its use. For example; the design of bioclimatic buildings and houses applying green building techniques, sustainable water management, ecological and biodynamic gardens, edible landscapes and the “Transition Town” movement.
Arboretum Marbella is a non-profit initiative whose mission is to provide a public space for environmental education and supporting residents and tourists of Marbella to become more sustainable.


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