Permaculture with Ilde part 2

I’d like to pause along the way for a minute, before continuing with our introduction to permaculture – in any course, workshop or presentation about Permaculture they always start by pointing out that we are facing an imminent paradigm shift, one that is vital as we are faced with diminishing fossil fuels that drive our modern world and remain the pillar of our current civilisation (meaning the 20% of the world’s population who have access to them, 80 % do not fully exploit these resources).
There is also a point made about the current environmental situation that is in a critical state due to deforestation, pollution and overexploitation of essential natural resources like water.

On hearing this i did not want to start the course because i don’t want to have ‘fear’ as my travelling companion. Mother Teresa of Calcutta best describes this: “If you go to a demonstration against the war do not count on me, if it’s for peace, I’m there.”

And so to continue ….. After we have defined ‘conscious observation’ and begin to practice it, we are then better prepared to learn from our environment. Any habitat that we want to study is in constant motion, with thousands of actors playing their role in the most fascinating theatrical performance that has ever existed: life. It is important to be flexible and to accept the information our senses provide us, trying to be aware of our mental filters, where they come from, how they influence us and how we can remove those that are not useful.

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