Permaculture with Ilde part 3 – visualising

Thinking is the next step. At this point it is a good idea to visualise the result we want to reach given what we have observed. Visualising is a powerful and useful tool in our daily lives. To analyse the information and then to think about putting into practice the basic permaculture principles that include:
– Working with nature, not against it.
– The problem may be the solution.
– Use the minimum effort for maximum efficiency.
– The performance of a system is unlimited, it is only a question of imagination.
– Any action at a particular point will have its effect .
– Act only where we need to

We live together with nature, because, even living in a city, we depend on natural resources and the balance of it for our survival. We have tried to “tame” the natural world when it would have been easier if we had walked hand hand in hand with it from the beginning.
Once Permaculture makes an appearance in our lives, we no longer see “weeds”, but we start to see that every living thing has its function in life but not necessarily in the place that suits us. Based on the first principle and taking the example of adventurous herbs (the correct definition of a weed), we could use them as a hedge in depleted soil, cut them leaving the root base in place, and use the cut stems as mulch which will feed the plants that we do want. So we can see how an enemy becomes our ally and solves a problem.

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