Reconomy: an economy on a human scale

This week, on Sept 4 & 5 in Marbella, the first Reconomy course will be hosted by INtransition Marbella, offering fresh ideas to regenerate the local economy. From 1pm to 9pm the talk will be hosted by Inez Aponte and Jay Tompt members of the UK Transition Network. – and promoters of the Reconomy project –

This is the first time this course has been offered in Spain and forms part of an extensive programme organised by INtransition Marbella to provide tools for the local community to develop a more sustainable and resilient economy in the face of current and future crises.

Alejandro Orioli, one of the founders of the INtransition group and director of Arboretum Marbella, explains that REconomy is “developing tools for a new kind of economy, based on local enterprise with a much more social, fair and sustainable character where we focus on cooperation not competition. During the course we’ll look at the transformation of exisintg businesses and the creation of new ones following a viable economic model that function in other countries. One example are the 20 companies that are in the REconomy project that turn over 3.5 million UK poounds a year in Totnes, Devon.”

Date: Sept 4 & 5
time: 13 – 21Hs
Venue: Albergue Inturjoven Marbella ( Av. Trapiche 2 – Ex Albergue Africa)
Price: 75€

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