Riding the Creative Impulse

Each encounter, whether in the world or with something bubbling up from within, is a moment of potential change. Every encounter is filled with tension. Your beliefs about
tension and change shape both how you experience such encounters and how you deal with them.

The movement of change is the continual dance of shifting tensions. Tension is neither good nor bad, it is simply what is so. The question is: how can I work harmoniously with the tension of life?

A great technique that helps to balance the relationship with our own personal power and how we respond to tension as it arises, therefor reclaiming a measure of control, is to place our finger tips on the upper arm just above the elbow crease (see photo). Twenty minutes a day for twenty day cycles produces system-wide changes. The poem that goes with this technique, from a Japanese art of healing, is: “Nothing has power over me, not even my own thoughts.” Most tension in the body comes from how and what we think! Indicating that thought patterns get in the way of the paths where our energy wants to flow naturally, in harmony with ‘tension’ as it moves through us.

Sometimes when we resist the dance of where tension wants to flow, we become pre-tense: we are trying too hard at something, rather than just letting ourselves go with the flow. This is the root of the word pretentious: we are not ourselves, not being authentic, out of centre. A very simple technique used to harmonize this dysfunctional pattern of ‘trying-too-hard’ is to hold the little finger: whenever your hands are not busy, use either hand to engage this centring exercise – optimally for 20 minutes at a time (see photo). The focus of this system of energy work is to use simple techniques to rebalance whatever has caused painful dis-functioning and, often unnecessary, friction.

Allowing a dance with tension also opens the gates to experiencing a new level of creativity. When you feel this creative flow you may well discover a vital part of yourself that you are not usually aware of, but that feels more like your ‘self’ than normal. This is like plugging in to a deeper source of energy and passion that transcends whatever limitations you ‘thought’ were happening: tuning-in to this pure creativity increases the sense of being more alive, more connected and more in touch with new possibilities that arise in the new space that you have created in your mind. You discover that you are riding the edge of your own wave of creativity as it naturally streams through your whole being and that you respond to your clear intuition in new and exciting expressions.

Sophia is a professional coach combining with hands-on body-energy-work.
Reiki Master & Shiatsu practitioner, 10 years.
She works with individuals, groups and organizations. She is the only qualified practitioner of Spiral Dynamics Integral in Andalucia, a sophisticated tool of personal, professional and cultural development.

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