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Tony Petre’s philosophy for his recently opened Slow Bar, Fuengirola’s first organic restaurant, is simple – good, fresh, seasonal food, reasonably priced with plenty of options and served with a smile.

Located in Avda Acapulco, in the heart of Fuengirola’s Scandinavian community, Slow Bar caters to this market as well as offering macrobiotic vegetarian and Spanish meals. “I’m planning to offer a macrobiotic vegetarian buffet every day, very reasonably priced, all you can eat with lots of salads,” explains the ever-enthusiastic Tony. “Scandinavians are very interested in quality organic food but there is also a growing interest in general down here.” Two factors have been central to creating Tony’s concept: first, the menu is reasonably priced. “We have to get over this idea of organic food being much more expensive,” Tony continues. “The Slow Bar menu is almost identical in price to conventional restaurants and this is really important for me to be able to offer to people organic food at accessible prices.” The second factor, that makes all this possible, is access to high quality, fresh and varied ingredients. From the organic meat and fish to the fresh vegetables delivered daily, Tony has sourced as much as locally as possible to guarantee freshness. “There is no question that availability of organic produce has improved in recent years,” Tony tells me over a delicious lunch one afternoon. “That has made a restaurant like this much easier to set up and offer the variety that people are looking for.” The vegetarian buffet is a central part of the restaurant and will be based on macrobiotic principles.

It turns out though that the restaurant is just the first stage of a much bigger project. Tony has plans to establish an eco centre in Fuengirola that would include allotments for growing vegetables, a shop and even accommodation. “We’re working through the paper work for that,” explains Tony. “The council have said it will take a couple of years to get organised so in the meantime we wanted to get started with something.” In fact some of his ideas are already taking shape at the Slow Bar with a small eco-shop selling fresh produce, as well as a scheme to start some allotments nearby for people looking to grow their own. In the restaurant itself there are some vertical gardens installed, and Tony wants to bring in more eco-ideas so that his customers can see how easy it is to apply these ideas in their own homes. Tony concludes “We’ve only been open a couple of months, but we’re already getting known for our food and innovative ideas.”

Slow Bar
Avda. Acapulco, 2 Fuengirola
Tel: 952 473 392

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