Healing: a spiritual perspective

Having spent the past 3 years helping to organise courses and workshops at the Nazarene Centre, I’ve been curious to know more about the healing work there. We’ve run features on the centre before and on long time collaborator Stepehn Turoff, but following conversations with co-founder Esteban Molina, I gained a deeper insight into the work that they have done. I spent a morning with Steve at the centre discussing his experiences and ideas about the ‘spirit world’. Steve invites readers to get in touch with the magazine about their own experiences with spiritual healing to expand our knowledge and learn more about what is out there.

You have been working in this field for a long time. When and How did you first sense a ‘spirit’ world?
When I was fifteen I went quite by chance to a Spiritualist church in Holborn, London. As you may know, generally at the end, part of the church service is to give proof of “life after death” this is usually done by a medium or clairvoyant, either visiting or a member of the congregation. This is usually done by bringing messages to those present from loved ones who have “passed over” to the “spiritual world/spheres/vibrations etc… or as it is also referred to “physically dead”.
I was quite impressed because of the fact that I did not know anybody there, I lived in the opposite side of London and yet I got several messages, one from my grandfather who had “passed over” (died) several years before in Madrid, where I was born.

You claim to be in contact with distinct personalities of long dead people. Is this how you see the spirit world? And why are they communicating with us (or with you in particular)? Can anyone pick up these communications? Why are we not more aware of them?

This question in my view has several parts,
a) I am not in contact with personalities of long dead people, simply because those personalities, if you choose to call them that, are not dead, the physical bodies they used to manifest themselves on this earth plane are no longer usable because those bodies were physical matter BUT they themselves are very much alive as spiritual beings and in many cases very much involved with what is happening on this earth plane.
b) I don’t pretend to be in possession of the whole truth, I have but some knowledge, what you call the “Spirit World “is what I see as a different vibration to this material earth plane, with different laws governing time, space and thought which are applicable to those who are in that vibration, an easy way is to call it the “Spirit World”.
c) the most common reason why they communicate with us is because they are linked to us by a bond of affection. We are all spirit in essence, so anybody could and regularly do, communicate with “the dead” what I call Spirit, in many cases without being aware of it, sometimes we see what appears to be a shadow pass by, or suddenly we have thoughts of a loved one who is in spirit and we immediately close our minds and discard it, we should be more receptive. How many times have we seen our children (with innocent minds and clearly receptive), playing with one or several “imaginary friends”, which to them are very real. But their parents and grown ups say to them “don´t be silly, there is nobody there!!”Again we are denying the obvious and conditioning their young minds.

How do they assist you in your healing work? What is it that you actually do in a healing session?

They don’t assist me in my healing work, they use me, I will try to explain, we are a spirit with a body and not just a body which happens to have a spirit. It is popularly called “Spiritual Healing “because the healing energy comes from Spirit (the spirit world), through spirit (the healer) to spirit (the patient).
Because we are essentially spirit, the spirit controls the physical body, which is ill and if the karmic laws allow it the physical body will respond positively. Now if you want to go into karmic law and the law of Cause and Effect, which control all that is around us, then that is a much more complex matter.
Generally in a healing session I use my hands to transmit the healing energy, in some cases it may be slightly more physical.

How long have you been healing for? How did you first start and what did you think when you first healed someone. What was the first ‘success’ you had?

Since I was fifteen, I mentioned earlier the time I assisted for the first time to a Spiritual Church, part of the message I was given by the medium was that I had the ability to heal by the “laying on of hands” I did not give it much importance at the time. I had a girlfriend who later became my wife, who had a young brother (Chris) of about 12 years old who used to suffer from terrible migraine attacks on a regular basis, they were so bad that he had to go to bed and lay there in a darkened room for a couple of days with a wet cloth on his forehead. When he had his next migraine attack it occurred to me to try and give him healing. It was either the healing or coincidence, fate, call it what you like the fact is that he stopped having these attacks, and as far as I know he has not had one in the last 50 years.
This made me think and I started to take it more seriously, but I did not go round laying on my hands on every ill person I found, I knew it would take time, I was young and I realised it was something which would develop as time passed by.
It is my belief that we can all be channels to transmit healing energy to the sick; it is enough to want to, make one self available and say to God “use me positively”

Could you give me some more examples of successes? What sort of rate of success do you achieve?

I don’t like to speak of success, it is up to the patients that have been healed to do so. Having said that how can you limit, or even try to understand the power of God?, how can you limit something we know so little about?, over these last twenty years we have had positive results in every facet of the illnesses suffered by the physical body, from cancer to very simple back problem. There is no limit but it has to be remembered that there is no guarantee either, it is not down to the healer, he or she are mere instruments, it is subject to the karmic condition of the patient, but let me stress that the patient will never be worse. I like to think that over the years we may have achieved a success rate of approx.. 60%, if not total cure for all certainly a good way towards it, also we are aware that some patients that have not improved from their physical condition feel “uplifted “spiritually after treatment.

What kind of feedback do you get from clients? Do they report any similar experiences in their healing?

In many cases the feedback we get from patients where there has been a positive result is that they may feel “rough” for a couple of days, but once that is over they realise that they have either totally recovered from their illness or feel a great improvement, it is as if the physical body was reacting and recuperating from what might have been a physical operation, in many cases bruising appears and even internal scars.

You built the Nazarene centre from donations from clients so you must have had considerable success to do that. Has the healing work always been so consistently successful?

The Nazarene Centre was built purely from donations received from patients between the years 1990 and 2001, the building work started in 1995 and was completed in 2001, we have 985 m2 constructed on a plot of 37.000m2, the cost was approx. 50.000.000 of the old pesetas (300.000€),. In those days, apart from working in coin 4 times weekly, we travelled all over Spain, Elche, Alicante, Madrid, Valladolid, Vigo, Orense and we were very fortunate that we had a great deal of donations, but it needs to be remembered that we as a Registered Charity cannot ask for a minimum, it has to be voluntary and while some patients were generous, others who could not afford it were treated and attended equally. The healing work has decreased now to some extent, something I can understand as I could not do that amount of work now. (as a matter of fact you may be interested to know the record was achieved in Elche in the early nineties we started healing at 08:00 finished at 22:00 had 30 mins for lunch and saw 135 patients), I was younger then!!!! We still need a reasonable income to maintain the centre.

Do you feel the spirit world is always in contact with you or does it change day to day, year to year?

The Spirit World does not make contact with us, WE are part and parcel of it, we are spirits, and spirit is the reality. For example when we sleep I don want to get complex, but very simply when we sleep, the spirit is free to return “home” the problem is that we are not aware of it, but we ARE SPIRIT and there are many ways of demonstrating this apart from mediums, healers, clairvoyants, etc.. For example applying “regression” under hypnosis, this has been scientifically proved, by scientists, psychologists and others, and to me categorically proves the fact that reincarnation exists, we have many lives on this earth plane.one of the problems is that we tend to complicate matters and they really are much simpler, also the fact that the “established religions have deviated historical facts in many cases to suit their own means and interests.

Why heal the sick, and in some cases save them from physical death if what is waiting for them is so beautiful and lovely

It’s not easy to explain as it is a very complex situation, although it is easy enough to understand, we are here on this plane to evolve, we can only evolve by conquering challenges placed before us, adversities, etc. we do not value anything which is easy to attain, in some cases the healing, apart from relieving the suffering, because the time or karmic condition of the patient has arrived, it also should serve as a way of planting the seed in the mind of the patient. “How come I have been to the best Doctors with the most modern equipment and have not obtained results? and yet this healer whether it be male or female just by laying on the hands has cured me, COULD THERE BE SOMETHING ELSE I am not aware of?, the idea is that the patient finds out their own truth of spiritual realities, don’t take my word for it or anybody else’s, find out the truth for yourself, once this has been done and they have rejected the idea or are convinced that belief cannot be shaken and they will draw strength from having that knowledge.

Why is the Centre called “The Nazarene?”
The person we all know as Jesus Christ, whom I regard as my master, teacher, and guide, (what’s in a name?), is known as “The Nazarene” in Spirit World.
The word Christ means “the anointed” and there have been many who were anointed. The Nazarene was not the only Divine soul who manifested on this earth plane and deserve our respect for they who came to show the way spiritually, psychically and physically according to the time in which they lived, having being born into a Catholic family, Jesus was obviously my first choice, but to me I know and refer to him as the Nazarene, but in some instances you say the Nazarene and you have to explain that you mean Jesus.

Esteban Molina offers healing at el Centro Espiritual el Nazareno in coín
Tel: 652 180 187

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