Málaga Alternativa: Surya – the essence of yoga and ayurveda

From the first ‘Om’ Isabel Guerrero knew that yoga was going to be something important in her life. Having decided on an adventurous holiday in India 7 years ago, she encountered this ancient discipline in its heart land and was immediately drawn in. Before long she was back for more and this time, as well as studying yoga in Dehradun and Rishikesh with direct senior disciples of B.K.S Iyengar, she also spent time learning about the Indian medical system of ayurveda in the Shashi Clinic de Maharashtra.

Back in Málaga and working with Joaquin Garcia Weil of Yogasala, who she considers to be her ‘guru’, she had a chance to complete a teacher training course and work alongside him at the school in central Málaga. Now, after her years of teaching and studying, Isabel is finally launching her own project, Surya which means sun in hindu. Blending her knowledge of yoga and ayurveda, Isabel is offering classes and workshops in yoga and meditation, relaxation and ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda, India’s traditional medicine, is very old and is based on the pillars of right life routine, nutrition and massage according to the ‘prakruti’ of every individual. ‘Prakruti’ means ‘nature’ and it is formed by the ‘doshas’, the unique combination of the five elements in every human being that are grouped into three distinct types. Ayurveda works to bring the body’s natural harmony back into balance through nutrition, massage and herbs.

Earth + water = kapha
Kapha types have strong frames and are naturally athletic, and are innately stable, compassionate, and loyal. They approach things in a methodical, step-by-step manner, and prefer a regular routine in their personal and professional lives. When imbalanced they can become unmotivated, stubborn, and complacent even when change is necessary. They benefit from exposing themselves to new environments, people, and occasionally fasting.

Fire + water = pitta
Dominated by the fire element, pitta types can be innately strong, intense, and irritable. They tend to have a medium build and endurance with powerful musculature. They are strong willed and good at doing what they think is right, are natural leaders and quick learners whose ability to easily comprehend and master new skills and concepts can make them judgmental or impatient toward people they feel are slower or less focused than themselves. They have strong digestion and intense appetites, both for food and challenges. For balance, pittas need to manage their “fiery” tendencies, channeling them in productive ways and learning to recognize their destructive power.

Air + ether = vata
Vata types tend to be thin and lanky, mentally and physically active and enjoy creative endeavors, meeting new people, and travelling to new places. When they are balanced, vatas are flexible, have lively imaginations, and are original thinkers, but when imbalanced they can get anxious, ungrounded, and can seem “flaky” about fulfilling commitments, sticking to a routine, and completing projects. The influence of the air element in their constitution causes their energy, mood, and appetite to fluctuate dramatically, and for this reason vata types often fail to eat and sleep regularly.

In Surya Yoga and Ayurveda they also work with Gestalt therapist and singer Beatriz Pryce who develops her work as psychotherapist and therapy of the voice.

Clases de Yoga
Espacio Humano, c/ Peso de la Harina, 14. 3er piso.
Lunes y jueves de 18 a 19.30.
Precio mensualidad 50€.
Clase suelta 10 euros. Clase de prueba gratis.

Actividades e intensivos en Yogasala:

Masaje y tratamiento Ayurveda, clases privadas de Yoga y Meditación
Tel: 722 307 195
Email: isamguerrero@hotmail.com

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