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Many readers will be familiar with our recent articles by Vanda Laktos, owner of health food shop Biocasa in Fuengirola, and passionate about healthy vegetarian food. A common complaint amongst her clients is that organic food and healthy fresh vegetarian food is more expensive and so she has set out to show that it is possible to have a varied, rich diet for no more than a ‘standard’one. Her daily blog at shows her typical meals for two people for the month of March. Along the way, as she writes her diary of daily vegetarian living, she not only shows how affordable it can be but also how anyone can adapt these healthy foods into their daily routine and talks about the benefits of juicing and blending as well highlighting some of the important issues around this kind of diet.

The first thing we have to be aware of is that the food industry is all about profit first and, although it can appear to be cheap, the quality is often questionable, made from highly processed, cheap ingredients sourced from all over the world. “Every time you buy food you vote, with your money,” explains Vanda. “You make a choice about what kind of food system you are supporting, you make a decision about the people who are growing our food and even the unemployment in your area. Have you ever wondered where your food comes from?” Each day through March Vanda has been posting what, in her opinion, makes up a well balanced vegetarian diet with photos and ingredients and finally at the end of the month (just after we went to press) she will add it all up so readers can see the real cost of eating well – check out the final total at

All the dishes are vegetarian, some vegan and many raw, and almost all organic. Along the way, the blog offers useful information about why certain foods are chosen over others, with links to other sites with more extensive information on a certain product such as chia seeds or quinoa powder. It’s what we do through the magazine – explaining and demystifying products and ideas so that our readers can make informed decisions about what they eat. As more and more people take an interest in their food, where it comes from and what is in it, and discover the health benefits of whole foods and organic foods, so these kind of products become more available. Whether it is fresh organic produce, now available in many local health food shops as well as over 8 organic markets throughout Málaga (see guide for complete up to date list), or specialist ingredients like the chia seeds, hemp seeds, spelt flour or Himalaya salt, they are now readily available wherever you live. Also by buying fresh local organic produce you are helping to promote the local economy – although Andalucía is THE top organic producer in Europe, only a small percentage of the food produced here is destined for the local market.


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