Sophia Rendu continues her series of inspirational articles leading us into the new year with some thoughts on transformation.

If he doesn’t allow his transformation into a butterfly, then he will always think of himself as a caterpillar. This young wormy creature, after munching his way through several kilos of leaf reaches a stage in his evolution where it is time to wrap up into a silky mesh and prepare for the unexpected. At first the caterpillar resists his total make over, like he wants to remain the same old caterpillar he has always been; why not? He likes munching on leaf, why can’t things stay as before? He has a natural resistance – which is only, and thankfully, counteracted by a healing glich in his immune system that tells his cells NOT to fight the change process, that the invading transmuting butterfly genes unfolding from his internal DNA have a timing of their own: and it is now.

Mr. Caterpillar must go with the flow, otherwise he will stubbornly continue to see himself as a caterpillar in the mirror when he clearly isn’t; he would be making a backward move, not recognising his true self – probably along with other caterpillars who long for the good old days. But then, Mr. Caterpillar would not know what it was to wear such beautiful colours, to experience the full spread of his wings and to fly as an angel traversing the warm currents of spring, pollinating flowers and bringing beauty into everyone’s day.

The point here is that our dear friend the caterpillar doesn’t really have to do anything outside of continuing to be himself: he just follows his internal clock, knows when it is the right season and has the innate practical wisdom to construct his cocoon all by himself.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s time to allow the butterfly to open its wings, to hatch from the old shell something new, unique and utterly gorgeous: the new you! Our society programming has us resisting our natural unfolding; luckily we have plenty of creative tools to hand to help us make the transformation from our old perfect self into the new perfect self. Firstly caterpillar and then butterfly hold our individual self expression: is it time to open your wings? If so, I have a professional ‘tool kit’ that might help you to realise yourself as the most extraordinary butterfly.

Sophia is a professional coach combining with hands-on body-energy-work.
Reiki Master & Shiatsu practitioner, 10 years.
She works with individuals, groups and organizations. She is the only qualified practitioner of Spiral Dynamics Integral in Andalucia, a sophisticated tool of personal, professional and cultural development.

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