Transition town launched in Axarquia

The first meeting of a new transition group was held on Sunday, March 10, at Algarrobo Costa’s town hall in Axarquia. The event was held under the name ‘First Workshop of the Future’ inspired by Robert Jungk’s methodology laid out in his book “Zukunftswerkstätten, Wiederbelebung der Wege zur Demokratie” (The future workshops, roads to revive democracy), that advocated and implemented a commitment to democratize decisions in modern societies so that its citizens could participate in a comprehensive and equal way, at all levels of socio-political planning.

This first meeting to formalize the transition movement in Axarquia was attended by about 65 people from all walks of life and political persuasions. Various representatives from other transition communities in Coín, Málaga and Marbella, were also present to provide the spark of inspiration and provide local reference points for the scale and success of their projects.
During the four hour meeting the participants worked on design projects based on common goals in the community looking at alternative systems based on the belief that it is possible to create a different future where people do not feel like slaves to the establishment with no voice, but who can be active agents and participate fully in the process of change. That they can create a more cooperative reality that connects to human nature and is respectful of life and our environment.

After a very positive start the team behind the first meeting hope that it will provide a platform for developing the projects that were started and others that will unfold over time. Axarquia en Transicion closed the event with an invitation to come together again on April 6 at 11am to continue the work they have now started. Everyone is welcome and all ideas will be considered.

(1) The Transition Movement (Transition Movement, also known as Transition Towns, or Transition Initiatives Transition Network) started in Kinsale (Ireland) with the development by Professor Rob Hopkins of an Energy Descent Plan and its adoption by the municipality . The Transition Movement (MT) is based on the original ideas of Bill Mollison of Permaculture, and seeks to adapt to future shortages of available energy, personal abilities and directing their own physical space of each community to generate resilience to future impacts. Hopkins, along with Ben Brangwyn and others continued to develop the concept in Totnes (Devon, England) in 2007 and created the Transition Network to expand the experience and help other communities. Currently, there are about 200 Transition Initiatives in the UK, more than 80 in other European countries, more than 310 across America and 160 in Asia and Oceania. They include both municipalities and districts, neighborhoods, valleys, islands, forests, schools and anywhere with community spirit.

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