Verdechatre – Exquisite glass craft

Glass, as we know it, was discovered by the Phoenicians and was well known in ancient Egypt, from where it was introduced it to the Romans. In the middle ages, Venice was famous in glass manufacturing, while Bohemia became well known for this craft in the XVII century. There are several kinds of glass, but they all came under the categories of window glass, bottle glass, fireproof glass also used in kitchen utensils, lead crystal (not for painting on) and architectural glass.

Patricia Salazar, last issue’s featured cover artist, has been working with painted glass for many years. Her pieces are unique and examples of fine craftsmanship. There is a palette of up to 30 colours to use in normal techniques of glass painting and when it is finished it is fired in a kiln at up to 650ºC. All the paintings are original compositions. “I am always in search of beautiful, special, and useful glass pieces to decorate,” Patricia explains. “Then I can share this wonderful gift of painting on glass.”

Patricia Salazar’s paintings and glass work reveal her South American roots, from where she takes her inspiration. An abundance of bright colors is a characteristic of her work where every piece tells a story about a warm, tropical and exotic climate full of life and excitement. Patricia has acquired an abundant artistic expression through living in several countries. Her style, which honors her Colombian roots, is a fresh air mixture of different cultures and of observing life from a simple and uncomplicated point of view. Besides, her love and interest in Asian cultures, has given her art an expanded spiritual dimension. “To work with the transparency of glass, and to make it come alive through color,” Patricia says. “To change something that we do not see into something that we see…through color…that is my inspiration”

“Sharing the artist’s thoughts”

Living in Marbella for an artist is somewhat of a lonely life. I have observed this since I came to live here 12 years ago. Artists I know seem to live a secluded life looking for occasions of sharing their work and for it to be appreciated and respected. Sometimes this sharing can become very expensive, barely covering the cost the artist has gone through. Other times, it can be a meaningless affair. Having lived in other countries working with art, I know that this situation of aloneness does not have to be so, since art is about sharing. I also know that many people have the same thoughts but like me, so far have done nothing about changing these circumstances. People with the same interests always like and need to get together for valid reasons. Those willing to share these feelings and willing to get together to come up with good ideas, I am willing to join and them to join me. We will enrich our lives right in the place where we live by getting together to share creativity.
Let’s put lots of more vivid colour into our lives!

Please contact Patricia to help create more of an artist’s community here in southern Spain.

Patricia Salazar
Tel: 952 862 119 or 676 858 877

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