Water is life

We are 70% water and without water there is no life. It is fundamental for our health and the quality of the water we drink is vital to maintaining wellbeing. Historically, pure, oxygenated water could be drawn from springs and rivers but in modern times the water that arrives at our taps is contaminated with toxins. While chlorine makes it safe to drink, this also has its problems, and adds to the acidic stresses we already have on our bodies through the food we eat and the drinks we consume. Water bottled in plastic doesn’t offer any solution, quite apart from the environmental pollution of the process, much of this water is not of a high quality either. One recommended answer to our water problem that we have explored in this magazine before is ionised water, filtered through a special machine to deliver water at the pH we want it, clean and toxin free.

Chanson are a world leader in producing these machines, developed in Taiwan where they have 30 years’ experience in the market and brought to Spain exclusively by Hexagua. Ionised water is one of the healthiest things we can put in our bodies, pure filtered water that promotes an alkaline balance and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. The machines can be easily set to produce highly alkaline water that also has a high negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) – this indicates that the water donates electrons to our bodies helping to fight the aging process and work as an anti-oxidant. In the far-east these systems have been widely introduced into hospitals and clinics and promoted as fundamental health products, being found in 1 in 5 Japanese homes. As much as the alkaline water can offer profound benefits for our health at the other end of the spectrum acidic water is very useful for cleaning and disinfecting, and the machines produce both. Acidic water is good for the skin and certain skin conditions, acts as an anti-bacterial for cleaning fruits and vegetables and general cleaning round the house, eliminating the need for many cleaning products.

Ionised alkaline water
– Natural antioxidant
– Provides extra oxygen and energy
– Combats free radicals
– Profoundly hydrating
– Balances pH and detoxes the body
– Aids holistic health

Agua Alcalina Ionizada
– Antioxidante natural.
– Oxígeno y Energía extra.
– Combate los Radicales Libres.
– Hidratación profunda (6 veces más)
– Equilibra el PH y desintoxica el organismo.
– Favorece la salud integral.

Ionised acidic water
– Cleans and disinfects food
– Eliminates up to 99% oof bacterias
– Treats skin conditions
– Oral cleanser
– Substitute for many cleaning products
– Excellent for watering plants

Agua Ácida Ionizada
– Limpia y desinfecta los alimentos.
– Elimina el 99,9% de bacterias
– Tratamiento de afecciones de la piel.
– Limpieza bucal y eliminación de
– Sustituye a la mayoría de los productos limpieza.
– Excelente para el riego de plantas y flores.

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