What is….the Mooncup?

Like many things in the mainstream we often assume there are no other alternatives, whereas over the years La Chispa has shown time and again that not only are there other options, but often they are healthier and more ecological. An excellent example is the question of tampons and sanitary pads, that are used in their millions by people who may not be aware that they are environmentally unfriendly and potentially unhealthy. Fortunately, for all eco women looking for a solution there is the Mooncup, a simple silicon device that is both practical and comfortable. The Mooncup is a small silicon cup that is inserted into the vagina to catch the menstrual blood and can be emptied, cleaned and reused so it is both cheaper and greener than tampons. Although dating back to the 1930s the idea of reusable menstrual cups didn’t catch on commercially in the face of an industry intent on repeat trade from reusable tampons. In the 1980s as people began looking for more ecological options, the Mooncup was launched, and has established itself as a market leader and as an ethical business based in the UK.

Avda de Mijas 16 Fuengirola
Tel: 951 713 575
Email: biocasa.herb@gmail.com
Web: www.biocasahealth.com

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