Why did the cancer disappear?

How can a cancer that was spreading and required urgent treatment according to medical experts just disappear within four weeks without medical treatment?

This is the question Marion Dias asked her medical professionals but they failed to offer a plausible answer which led her to document her experience in her book Why Did the Cancer Disappear published in 2012. She emphasises the need for each one of us to take more personal responsibility and a robust approach to participation in our healing health and well-being, regardless of any treatment we choose. It is not about dismissing the experts’ advice but asking pertinent questions and doing your own research to satisfy yourself before you make the choice. She further emphasises the need for treating the mind as well as the body. Although medical science now recognizes that the mind and body are connected as established by the science of psychoneuroimmunology or PNI (as it commonly known) yet illnesses are still considered and treated only at the level of the physical body.

As a certified trainer and practitioner of Clinical hypnosis, NLP Time Line Therapy™ and energy healing for more than sixteen years, Marion has counseled many cancer patients, usually to help them deal with the side effects of the treatment, pain control, fears/anxieties, boosting the immune function and help maintain a positive focus.

When Marion was diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium in 2006 she was concerned by the prospect of having conventional treatment, the only treatment available. Having carefully researched the success of such treatments (chemotherapy and radiation treatment) she chose instead to treat herself using her own therapeutic skills and made several life style changes in all areas of her life. Over the ensuing months she managed to stop all the symptoms. However some seven months later when the doctors insisted that the cancer had spread and her life was at risk unless she had urgent treatment, she was persuaded to undergo major surgery within four weeks of the second diagnosis. She continued with her clinical hypnosis and energy healing in her determination to get well. Marion subsequently discovered that the biopsies on the matter removed as a result of surgery (i.e. a total hysterectomy and sixteen lymph nodes) failed to show any residue of cancer.

The cancer that was spreading just four weeks before surgery had totally disappeared without any medical intervention. Over two years she sought explanations from her medical professional as to how a cancer they had insisted was spreading could just disappear but they were unable to provide a plausible explanation. “Why Did the cancer Disappear” by Marion Dias BSc (Hons) Clinical Hypnosis is available from Amazon or Smiff’s bookshop Nerja).

Marion has remained free from cancer ever since and subsequently changed the way she worked and she now offers several workshops and retreats in personal development to promote health and well-being. The emphasis is on being well and enjoying life. She is passionate about helping people to help themselves by sharing her experience, and teaching skills, processes and coping strategies drawn from some of the most powerful tools and techniques and healing processes available today. These include an awareness of the science of mind- body medicine or psycho-neuro-immunology or PNI as it is commonly known.


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