Your life is in your hands

Through the ages we have incorporated the conscious and unconscious into different structures of thought, ideologies, mandates y any amount of diverse forms of thought, that have molded our lives today.

Nothing fortuitous exists in life. “Everything that has always happened is a reflection on some form of guideline that we have within us.”

It is called “Freewill” meaning that we can choose our own thoughts.
You yourself can choose if you wish to think you have a “miserable” life or a “happy” life; whichever you choose will be deposited voluntarily inside your sub-conscious, and from there it will make itself shown in your physical world. That is where our own Will stems from and our Power of Decision.

In a graphic form, we can think of the conscious mind, as immediate knowledge of ourselves as individuals and of our actions adapted to certain conditions and social roles.
Our unconscious mind as those repressed thoughts, but that can effect in an active way our comportment and our bodies. In other words, from subtle planning an “idea” is generated that later on will be formed into material planning. For this reason it is important to know ourselves, to bring forth our real desires, so that they can be in harmony with our lives.

Our Power of Action has always had its roots in our Conscious Mind.
According to this, from now on we should abandon the idea we are victims of our destiny and we have to begin to accept that “Everything that happens to us, we have chosen in some form or other”. Many of these choices are given within fractions of seconds and are left in our sub-conscious minds, where they germinate and later on manifest themselves into our lives. That is how the whole Universe functions. We live in an University that always says “YES”, to everything that we choose to believe. It is important to know all that which has been already deposited into our sub-conscious mind can also be removed. We can create new thoughts and beliefs, accept new ideas and design a future which is more convenient and favourable.
In this lies the importance to know the different codes that lead us to disentangle our minds. This knowledge will give you the ability to create the happy future you desire, even though in your past it has not been possible. “In this way enhancing your personal life, you will be improving the lives of those around you”. In curing your own scars you will be also be curing those of others.

Many people think they would be much happier with a better partner, more money, more power or better health. They think that something outside has to change to be happier. Nevertheless, the process is the contrary. “Changing our thoughts is like CREATING and GENERATING the best for our lives”.

Remember that we live in AN University of the Mind, in which everything that you become to believe is shown as your
own Reality”.

You will understand that “illnesses” are directly related with emotional and mental problems. That could explain a deeper reason for a liver pain for example, it´s not only because “some meal has made me feel ill” or that “I always catch colds as I walk barefooted…” Usually we quickly go to the chemist and with a few pills we find the magic solution and follows our lives without changing anything……

“Luck”, health and harmony are voluntary choices that can be created. You will learn to design the world you wish to live in and to start showing it.
But, to obtain it, we need to assume our lives with responsibility, discipline, commitment, and to be willing to change and overcome our mental limitations and to believe how Energy Works. Knowledge gives Power.
Each time that you have a problem to resolve, consider it as an opportunity to learn something new.

This conscious and personal awareness will make you completely transform your life to reach another level of happiness, prosperity, health and harmony.
Always remember, we build what we believe………..
Just as confirmed by Oliver Wendall Holmes. “ When a mind opens thanks to a new idea, it can never go back to its original dimensions”.

It all depends on you……….

Oct 18 – 20: Wellbeing Seminar
Time: 10.00 – 20.00
Location: Hotel Carmen Teresa,
Avda Carlota Alessandri, 180,

10.00 – 14.00 – Design your life (diseña tu vida 1)
17.00 – 20.00 – Manage your mind (Gestion tu mente)

10.00 – 14.00 – Design your life (diseña tu vida 2)
17.00 – 20.00 – Manage your mind (Gestion tu mente)

10.00 – 14.00 – Ho’oponopono
20.00 – Closing meditation on the beach

Design your life: 90€
Manage your mind: 50€
Ho’oponopono: 50€
Complete Package: 170€

Info y reservas:
50% por adelantado
Tel: 686 206 460 / 628 223 595

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