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Grow Crowd is now available internationally at the Apple AppStore. This is a revolutionary system of direct communication between farmers and consumers via mobile phone technology. Simply put it´s an app in favour of a sustainable, re-localised food system. It´s a green, social solution! The application, available for iPhone since 8th October 2013, allows local farmers to advertise with ease their produce while adding detailed information on each item. Thanks to this virtual marketplace, Grow Crowd supports the community without intermediaries and allows producers and consumers to communicate within this platform.

Economic Benefits
Grow Crowd generates direct economic benefits for farmers as well as for consumers thus both obtaining fair value pricing. The former as they eliminate the middle man and therefore retaining full economic benefit for their labour. The latter as they save on the markup of individual items by bypassing retail chains such as supermarkets and agribusinesses.



Support for small local businesses
The concept of this new app is to shift away from the global trend of commercial food distribution. It is an active support for local companies, a way of connecting farmers and consumers while strengthening regional food systems.
With Grow Crowd farmers conveniently upload their produce to the app which in turn allows for the consumer to browse for their produce of choice.

Quality, freshness and flavour guaranteed
This direct link between producers and consumers (which cuts out the middleman) has an impact on the quality, freshness and flavour of food. With Grow Crowd the produce uploaded to the app is organic, has not been genetically modified and is free of pesticides. There is less refrigeration time and seasonal fruit and vegetables can be acquired faster. In short it will provide the consumer with a myriad of health benefits.

How Grow Crowd works
The app is free to download and offers in app purchases of advertising slots for each product. In each slot there is a place to enter details of the product (photo, variety, method used to cultivate, date of harvest, price….). Grow Crowd comes with free slots for users but more can be acquired through the app itself at €1.79 per slot. These slots are currently valid for a year from the date of purchase and the content of the items can be edited at any time.
All users can advertise their own produce or learn which are available in the area by using advanced searches, filtering for location, date, favourite producer etc. Searches can also be made to find nearby farmers, profiles can be personalized, producers can be given a rating as well as inviting friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Grow Crowd is undoubtedly a local organic marketplace in the palm of your hand.

Grow Crowd is a mobile phone tool which allows the food industry to return to basics, back to healthy local organic food by using the immense power of internet marketing on a local basis. There is an increasing consumer demand for organic products and this app rebuilds the link between farmers and consumers while assuring the local food system reaches a greater audience.

The App in AppStore:

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