Alien Abduction – fact or fantasy?

Recent studies suggest that more than 40 million people worldwide suffer from Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS). These are epidemic proportions, yet the number still seems to be increasing yearly. But what is PAS? What is alien abduction? And why is it becoming rampant?

Alien abduction started as a modern phenomenon with two seminal cases, Vilas Boas in Brazil in 1957, and Barney and Betty Hill in 1961. In both of these cases the victims reported being taken aboard a craft by non-human beings, both reported sexual or sexually related activity, both were given information about the abductors which connected them with outer space, and in both cases that information turned out to be less than accurate. What distinguished Barney and Betty Hill’s case was that they were aware of a period of missing time and when they were eventually hypnotically regressed, they were able to remember what happened during that missing time. It was this case that set the tone for what has become the classic, modern abduction case.

Since then the number of abductions reported has skyrocketed, and their nature has become ever more bizarre, including people being abducted from their bedrooms while they slept, while their physical body never leaves the bed. In fact, as the phenomenon has exploded, it has developed from a purely physical event involving very advanced technology, to a near-mystical phenomenon involving that area where quantum physics seems to become mysticism. This has led many serious researchers such as John Mack, David M Jacobs and others to wonder to what extent these abductions are alien and to what extent they are simply non-human. They have also speculated as to what extent the experiences are physical, to what extent they are mystical states of altered consciousness, and to what extent they are a combination of the two.

What is very clear, is that in a vast majority of cases the people who report these cases of abduction are, for what of a better term, psychologically normal. That is to say that they present no symptoms of personality disorders, borderline psychosis or severe neurosis. In fact, the only psychological disorders they do present are as a consequence of their experience. This, as John E Mack MD argued in his book Abduction (Simon & Schuster 1994), argues very strongly that this ever growing group of people are having real experiences. The questions are, what is the experience they are having? And, what is the best way to deal with it?

Tracy Gillibrand and Conor Corderoy have opened an office in Malaga where they are interviewing people who believe they have had abductions, or who have had UFO related experiences. Their purpose is to build up an archive of reported cases to try to come to some understanding about what this phenomenon represents and what causes it; and to help those who have experienced this phenomenon to come to terms with it and reach some understanding as to how to deal with it.

Conor Corderoy is a psychologist and Master Practitioner of NLP, and an expert in Ericksonian hypnosis. In addition to the free interviews mentioned above, Conor is offering hypnotic regression and various forms of therapy to help people deal with their experiences. Conor and Tracy can be contacted through their website below.

If you believe you have been abducted, or if you have had some type of UFO experience, Conor and Tracy would love to hear from you in the strictest confidence. Please contact them via their website:

Sept 30: Post abduction syndrome – a talk by Conor Corderoy
Time: 19.30
Location: Calle Argonautas 49, Malaga

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